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Which path is mine


I’m Wiccan, I’m Druid, I’m a witch, I’m, I’m, I’m following the true path, my ways, better than yours.

How many times has someone told you their way is best or even worse that their way is the only true way?

We all like to think our way is best. Some even go as far as to denounce other ways or paths.

When I am asked what your path is, I tend to answer that my path is not your path but we all walk the same road.

So what do I mean by the same road? Some paths differ greatly from others.

Well there is a lot we all have in common.

We are all pagan.

The foundation of paganism is our being one with nature.

Our religion of nature sees the divine in all things, in all aspects of life and the universe.

Every object, plant and animal is part of the divines’ presence. This presence has a dark side as well as light.

Pagans strive to live their lives attuned to the cycles of Nature,the seasons, to life and death.

We all honour our ancestors.

We honour a greater force, the force within and around us all the power of the cosmos.

Christianity, Islam, Judaism believe in a patriarchal divine being.

However, in paganism the divine is female as well as male and therefore there is a Goddess as well as a God. These deities are representation of the power of all things around and within us; they are us. They are not simply substitutes for the Muslim or Judeo-Christian God. This is because the Gods of the major religions tend to be super-natural i.e. above nature, whereas Pagan deities are natural, symbolizing aspects of nature or human nature.

Mankind and paganism have gone hand in hand since Neolithic times. Throughout the centuries cultures have changed and alongside these changes, Paganism has adapted and modified to serve an ever changing society. It is grounded in our genetic memory, a natural religion as we live our lives at one with mother earth. We honour and celebrate the solstices and like many other religions the solstices play a great part in our way of life and ceremonies.

We must all work together, to peacefully promote greater understanding of our beliefs, spiritualism and culture. I hope to promote, on this site, a greater understanding and awareness of the pagan way of life…

To help those seeking to join us, obtain a greater knowledge of the different paths, thus allowing them to make informed choices as to their journey within paganism.


The word pagan though used by myself and the aquarius children so others can find us easily ,I abhore.

It is a label stuck on us by christian leaders to describe anyone or anything not followering their beliefs.

You will see we include various other religions in our “Which Path” pages, but I, Nighthawk ,refuse to include any religion whose doctrine was forced upon people by the sword and fear of death. Nor will I include any religion that demands tithes or uses temple recommendations as a way of blind obedience. Without such things listed above these religions state untruly you cannot attain a higher spiritual level or be saved.

Remember no priest or church can give you absolution. It is hypocritical of them to even assume they have the power of some God to do so.

We have Christian members within our ranks, Christian teachings in the purest form are sound, peace, love, community being just a few of their values, it is not people but establishments that corrupt things to control and amass wealth.