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Looking through social media today, I noticed just how many people go on about how so and so was talking horribly about someone else, how someone was defaming someone else’s character or how they didn’t like how someone said something about an issue.

Why do we as individuals feel the need to mock, put down and defame other people’s thoughts, mannerisms, opinions or characters? Besides showing a petty and vindictive side of ourselves, what does it really do for us as individuals? It really does nothing! What do we gain from it? Nothing!media_47454_en

Doing and saying horrible things to or about people does not do anything good for ourselves, however we do lose a piece of ourselves. We lose our sense of self, our dignity and our compassion for others. It only allows us to continue on forwarding fear to others. Our own fear! Like a cancer this fear destroys our inner beauty, our inner person and we end up losing ourselves to this fear, this anger, this negativity and soon we lose our friends, relationships and ourselves because we can not control the fear and the anger that has eaten all that once made us unique.

Instead of spreading fear and trying to hurt others why not do something positive? Instead of trying to destroy an individual, why not work on yourself?

Whenever anyone says mean or hateful things about another person, I tend to look at that person and wonder why they dislike themselves or feel so inadequate. I know that when people do say mean things about another person, I know that this is actually a reflection of what they feel about themselves!

A lot of people would adamantly disagree with me on this statement, however if you were truly at peace with yourself, why would you care what someone has said or how they dressed or why they have their own opinion? If you were at peace with yourself, why would another opinion that makes you think about an issue in a different way offend your inner being? No, it’s not your opinion, however why not embrace other people’s unique perceptions for what they are and not take offense to the point that you have to criticize and try to defame or demoralize that individual?hurt3

It saddens me when I see or hear these things that others are saying about another individual. I know that we all are guilty of doing this at some point in our lives or we may be stuck in this destructive cycle, however lets start making a conscious effort to start bringing others up instead of tearing them down. Let’s make the effort to ponder what another person has said instead of calling them a name or trying to tear them down. Lets make the effort to embrace everyone’s individuality instead of trying to destroy one another.


Rev. Nimue

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