Together we are all amazing!

Sitting and watching the news, it astonished me just how much negativity, hate and fear social media present to the public.


Why is there so much negativity in the world? Why do we rely on what social media tells us instead of reaching out and finding the true answers for ourselves?

It’s true, the world has and is going through a massive change.

Everyone globally can feel this change whether they are aware or not. However, why do we continue to allow social media to dictate what we should be feeling or who we should fear?

We need to start pushing aside the fear, the messages of hate and start focusing on the bigger picture.

We need to start helping one another and accepting each other for who we are and not because we are different.

We need to start embracing each others differences and each others skills and to start celebrating each other and ourselves for our own uniqueness and coexisting in harmony instead of trying to destroy and degrade one another.


Instead of separating ourselves into countries, races, creeds and whatever else we constantly separate into and start bringing ourselves together and uniting ourselves as one people, one creed, one race … the human race!

Instead of taking what other people say as insults or wrong points of view, how about we start looking at them as another point of view and another way of saying something?

How about instead of plotting to demoralise our fellow men and women, we start lifting them up and helping to support one another through perfect love and perfect trust? How about instead of looking at how to destroy an empire we bring our collective minds and thought processes together and fuse them together to build a single world wide community?


When we start looking at our neighbours, the people on the street or in passing who we’ve never met, why don’t we make the conscious effort to get to know one another and start trying to understand one another as opposed to trying to separate and segregate those that are different from ourselves.

Lets make a conscious effort to treat others the way we would want to be treated instead of letting ourselves continue to move on in a self absorbed and self pity existence.

When different people from different backgrounds come together, the most amazing things are born from those ideas. They’re fused together and have some amazing results. Lets be the change! Lets make the conscious effort to get to know one another and connect to everyone globally so that we can make this world a better place for our children, our children’s children and so on.



Together we are all amazing!

We live on one planet, its time to be one people!



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