Time Is Now

What’s really tough sometimes is when all you want to do is write, however there always seems to be something blocking what you really want to say or get down on paper or in this sense on the computer.
Why do these blocks come? Why is it so frustrating to bring these words and ideas into being without being first told what we want to write?
I was once told that when you really want to get an idea down, it isn’t meant to come until you are ready for it to be known to the world or at the very least that it isn’t meant to be known to those who are not ready to hear it.
It’s an interesting concept that something would hide itself until that person is ready to hear it or share it with the whole world. Once an idea has been told it can bring itself into being in numerous ways, however it will only bring itself forward for those who are ready to listen and learn what you are trying to share with others. People develop headaches for a number of days if something isn’t meant to be shared with others or those people aren’t ready to hear what is meant to be heard.
When a society isn’t ready to hear something they will doubt what is being said. Most times this is due to being brainwashed by either the government or religion. They do not want people to freely think or decide for themselves what is right or wrong. There can only be one set way to do things and that is what they must follow. I am here to shatter these idea’s of what is right and what is wrong and bring to them what is universally known to all peoples of all nations. Peace Truth and Understanding to all.
What is meant to be heard and what is meant to be shared will be free to all those who want to listen and to learn that they have a choice to know the truth or continue to be bullied into believing untruths that were hatched by those who wanted to enslave others into believing false truths. The truth will reveal itself in time and will not wait for those who have not prepared themselves.
The time is now! Whether we want it to be or not, there is no more time to put things aside, there is no more time to sit around and do nothing. We have to take action and do what was meant to be done from the very beginning.
We are a people of unimaginable gifts and talents and it is our rainbow children who are now starting to really reveal themselves with their gifts that they have already acquired in past lives and are sharing now with the people of today.
They are children and toddlers who have these amazing skills and gifts to be able to do things that people have taken a lifetime to acquire and they are doing them without being taught first hand on how to do them. These are the leaders of the future and they will continue to grow and share their messages throughout their lives to people, who whether or not they want to listen, will have no choice but to listen and learn that there is more to this simple life then the so called God that was made up to frighten people into doing what they wanted.
No more are those days of being naive and ignorant. No more are the days where we all sat down and believed that we were going to a good place or a place of fire and brimstone. The time to act and break free of this false cycle is now! Break those bonds that hold you so closed. Break free of those bonds that tell you that you can’t do anything unless you are told to do it.
Now is the time to think freely and to do what is in your heart to do. Now is the time to step forward and do what your heart tells you. Be the free thinking person that you are meant to be. We are all one people, one nation …. we are the human race and if we don’t start coming together as one, we will no longer be here to say that we made an impact on this planet. There will be other species that will be digging our remains up like the dinosaurs and will be studying us and thinking that we were just as insignificant as the dinosaurs were.
We need to act now and start doing what we were meant to do. We need to ready ourselves for the changes that are about to happen and we need to do so without fear and without doubt.
We are all one. So lets start acting like it!! When you let go and allow your subconscious to do what it was meant to do then amazing things will happen.
You never know what is going to happen if you just put on some headphones and let your mind go. This is the time that your heart will truly speak out for you and you will be able to do and say amazing things without realizing that you are doing so. Get yourself into a meditative state and just let your fingers go. The things that will come out of your fingertips will amaze you. Some of you may first start to write gibberish until you are more comfortable with this process of writing.
What I like to do is put on some soothing music and close my eyes and just go. The things that do come out may astound you when you read back on it. This is your heart and your energy writing to you and for those who are willing to read and listen to what you have to say.
Those who are ready to learn will take something out of all of this and those who are not will think that this is a completely silly exercise, but give it a try and see what comes out of your heart and your being during this time.
Go to your happy place and just allow yourself to explore and walk around. Meditation is very important to ones own well being. It helps to calm and quiet the mind and to focus. Let your mind wander and let go of those teachings that have been drummed into you from when you were first born. Start learning how to free think. No more taking what your past has been drummed into you. No more using the past as an excuse for how you act and think now. Let go of the hurts and the pains of the past and use them as a lesson on what not to do. Use those pains as a way to better yourself into knowing that there is a better way of doing and dealing with certain situations. Never use your past as an excuse to be stubborn. It happened and it was a lesson whether it was hard or not that you had to learn at that time to become that person that you are today, however you got through that lesson and now you can put that to rest and go forward as a better person all around.
Once we all start coming together with all of our lessons learned, we will then be able to start acting as one collective race.
Many blessings to you and yours.
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