The true meaning of Christmas

What is christmas
a time of presents, feasting and making merry, or is it something else.

Christmas is:

Coming together of family and community in Friendship, Peace and Understanding.

A time to celebrate that spring will soon be here. The sun on the 21st is imprisoned on the southern cross, Christmas eve it rises again into the heavens heralding shorter nights and the promise of spring.

It is time to think of others a time to offer a hand of friendship to all.

The celebration now called Christmas has always been a time to feast .

Livestock that would not survive to spring were eaten and signal fires proclaimed to all, peace throughout the land.

Today I wish you peace and Goodwill may you always have peace in your hearts and joy in your lives.

Peace Understanding Truth make these your keywords for the new year and hold these values within your hearts.



An easy way to remember what it is all about

The Christmas tree adorns many households this time of year, a time of celebration and presents. But how many actually know the true meaning of Christmas.

Lets use the tree as a basis for understanding of this magical time of the year.

The tree is creations message to us all that even in our darkest and coldest , the evergreen shines out a message of hope and tells use of brighter and warmer times ahead.

The star on the tree shines out calling family and friends together, for nothing is more important than the unity of family and community.

The lights on the tree shine forth calling all to bath in the glow with the message of prosperity and peace for all.

Ornaments of Santa on the tree are a symbol of generosity and goodwill you should share with all of mankind.

Presents under the tree remind all it is better to give than receive, give a smile to a stranger, help someone less fortunate then oneself.

Holly is the message of immortality its reminds us that the spirit never dies.

The wreath represents the renewal of all things, seasons, life, it is the circle of life.

The tinsel on the tree shines out the message of understanding and tolerance for with this in our hearts mankind can truly find peace.