Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation is somewhat different from other types. Your mind is not concentrated so much on your inner consciousness as it is towards a spiritual ideal. It focuses on love, happiness, and peace. It can also focus on a preferred entity that embodies such ideals. Spiritual meditation considers that these ideals are greater than one person. It helps you to contemplate the beauty and goodness in the world that is a direct result of infinite love.

Both meditation and spiritual meditation can be practiced somewhat the same way. While you do not have to sit cross-legged on the floor, with your hands on your knees and chant or “ohm”, many people find this is the best position to achieve the balance they need to meditate. Meditation is a uniquely personal choice and many find the benefits are life-changing.

Salient features of Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation is more a form of drawing in the peace and harmony brought about by infinite love. You are connected to your spiritual side and praise an entity you believe is responsible for this never ending love. Many people call this entity God, but the name is really not important. It’s more important to recognize that love is everywhere if you stop and take the time to look. Spiritual meditation allows for this realization.

Salient Features of Meditation

Meditation will deal more with contemplating your inner self. It focuses on bring a peace to the constant battle within ourselves. This battle can be of any thought, action, or feeling; however, meditation is a way to relax our mind and bodies and realize that some things are beyond our control. Meditation is a way for your mind to focus on strengthening your will power to fight off negative feelings and make you more aware of your surroundings and the people in it.

Comparing Meditation and Spiritual Meditation

While meditation and spiritual meditation can both be helpful in different aspects of our lives, it’s easy to see where the two can be confused. However, if you have a religious preference, your prayers are considered a form of spiritual meditation. Spiritual meditation and traditional meditation both have a healing and cleansing affect on your mind and body. Both promote relaxation and true understanding of the world in which you live. There are times when you may feel particularly burdened. Spiritual meditation may help you feel the love that is available in your world, while mediation would be a way to prepare yourself to deal with the burdens.

It’s completely a personal decision on which you prefer. While spiritual meditation and traditional meditation are not for everyone, those who practice one or the other, or a combination of both, tend to feel more fulfilled in their everyday lives.

The best way that we can create that change is to change our thoughts from being negative to positive. The positive discovery about meditation is that we are focusing within our self and becoming free of negativity. Meditation techniques simply involve a process of transforming yourself, your thoughts, and recognizing the negative thoughts, and changing them into positive and peaceful thoughts.

The best attitude towards meditation is to be very patient as the mind does not always want to focus. Having a sense of expectation towards positive results can create uncomfortable pressure and thus take away the enjoyment of the experience. By practicing meditation regularly, the person whom meditates gains a wonderful sense of the self.

Meditation is a self healing process, any form of stress is a sign of our negative thinking and Dis ease within our mind. If we don’t attend to dis ease in the mind we may find that chronic stress can lead to disease of the body.

Meditation is a form of stress management that will allow our mind to experience an oasis of peace and love within our heart and mind. Meditation gave me back control over my life so that no matter what was happening externally weather it was positive or negative I could still develop control over my thoughts and thus control the emotions and feeling in my mind. NO one can control eradicate adversity in life but you can master the way you respond in regards to your thinking processes. Take control now master your mind through one of the meditation techniques and you will forever be able to be the peaceful beacon in the eye of the storm of any adversity.