Simple meditation

Welcome to our quick guide to meditation. You may be wondering why meditation is so important. Meditation is the art of finding your inner soul and coming to peace within yourself and by doing so reach your inner being. It is the art of cleansing the body of negative energies which will help you find spiritual enlightenment. We hope this will help you find a comfortable easy way to begin meditation as a way to improve your life and health.

It probably seems hard to imagine sitting still for 30-45 minutes or more doing nothing and thinking nothing. Surprisingly enough once you start meditating you won’t notice the time. But even if you just have 5-10 minutes to meditate in it will help you feel less stressed and much more peaceful.

This is just one of many different ways to meditate. Everyone will need to find the method that works best for them. In this meditation we are talking about here we will do just a few simple steps to get started.

You will want to meditate somewhere quiet, where no one will disturb you – no tv, radio, cell phones, barking dogs, etc. Sometimes it’s helpful to dim the lights in the room you’re in.

First, find someplace comfortable to sit. You probably picture people meditating from the yoga lotus position, on the floor with legs crossed. Sit that way if you are comfortable like that. If not sit in a chair or on your couch in a position that feels good to you. I prefer to sit in a recliner with my legs up. In the winter I throw a light blanket over myself. All this does is help cut down on the distractions around you.

Now for a minute or two just relax and let your mind and body settle down. Take some deep breaths, relaxing a little more with each one. I usually shut my eyes at this point so I’m less distracted.

When you are settled down, continue to concentrate on breathing in and then out. At the same time start relaxing your arms and legs, feel your legs sinking into the ground and drawing energy up from it. Let the rest of the muscles in your body relax and release all the stress you are holding out through your arms and hands.

Concentrate on breathing in and out, nothing else. If a thought intrudes in your mind ignore it and just focus on your breathing. Continue in this fashion for 10 minutes or until you are ready to stop. Very slowly start becoming aware of where you’re sitting and the room around you. Feel the energy you have drawn into your body and think of something like peace in the world. Release the energy you have drawn into your body by sending it and your peace thoughts out through your arms and hands. Slowly bring yourself back to a state of normal alertness but don’t hurry the process. When you feel ready open your eyes and resume your normal routine.