• We believe the power of the cosmos and creation is the ultimate power behind all Godheads
  • We believe family and community are the backbone of a healthy society
  • We honor our ancestors
  • We believe sin is the product of man and not a god
  • We live according to the laws of a properly elected government of the country we are in
  • We show tolerance and understanding for all religions and expect the same in return
  • We promote peace, understanding and truth throughout the world
  • We believe no church has a place in politics and state and church must be separate
  • We follow the seasons in our celebrations
  • We believe all things in creation have the right to exist and respect should be shown to them
  • We believe both male and female are equal
  • Our ministers are ordained by those empowered to do so
  • Each post is ministered by a male or female celebrant

peace understanding truth

our structure our stance mission statement aims objectives Declaration of faith


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