We are many nations!

We are many religions!

We come from all walks of life

We are one people!


We are brought together by a vision, or an inner urge, that change must come, to bring peace, understanding and truth into the world.

We of the Aquarius Children, Teach, not Preach our message.

Whatever your religion.

Whoever Your God.

Here you can find your inner self and your spiritual path, through our teachings.

We are very diverse in our governing structure. As a group we have similar beliefs, but also differing views of things. We learn from each other and grow as individuals as well as a group.

Our core members include Druid, Wicca, First Nation Peoples, Native Americans and Christian.

No matter what your current path is, anyone can celebrate with us, the glory of creation.

Are you searching for your spiritual path?


How many of you feel as we do, modern day religion has become a commercial entity?

“Pay your tithes and we will give you the keys to heaven.”

Today many major religions run multi national companies or secretly hold shares in them.

It is time we explored the true message of gods and prophets, to live in peace, understanding and truth with fellow human beings, not go to war for greed or a religious difference.

Many have been lost for so long because the doctrines of state and church have clouded their inner soul’s brilliance. We help you peel back those clouds and embark on your spiritual path to find the real you.

Many of you reading this know in your hearts change must come.

Many of you will feel something is missing in your lives.

Many of you have come to realise that the organised religions of the world, have lost sight of their Gods true message.

A message of Peace, Understanding and Truth.

A message of communities and living to help your fellow man, not destroy him in wars.

The religions today have another goal, to become as wealthy as possible, they are geared to rake in your money, Some want to recreate Eden, Zion, others think they have the power of God on earth. One religion even has their god living on another planet, this must make them alien worshippers.

You feel the need for change in your hearts.
You feel the urge to speak out.
Join us and make a difference.

Fear is the current tool to control the people.

Fear of other religions.

Fear of other nations.

Have we really got so much to fear?

Or are our governments creating the fear factor?

Join us and ensure we have a safe planet, for our children and for the children of all generations.
Churches and governments can do anything they want to nations of apathetic people.
Take control of your own destiny.
Are you ready for that first step?
Are you ready to change your future?
Are you ready for the truth?
nos sunt unum

We are one

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