romney’s zion

Despair, hunger and persecution

Once a just and joyous country

A free prosperous and just nation

Now non LDS go hungry


Revenge they swore on the whole USA

For taking their lands and cash

Now in power, you have no say

Do their will or face the lash


His charm, his wit, were all but a show

Off to the polls, he hurried you along

He promises the earth, let the votes flow

Once elected, your freedom gone


LDS members now rule the day

All other, they do you serve

Ten hours toil, a day they say

To earn a meal, all you desrve


Only the chosen, will see God’s face

The prothet declared, god on earth

Is this the future of all human race

Oh why, did you vote for their birth


As dark riders cover the earth

Voices are raised, but oh, too, too late

Satanic worship, is now given birth

Their true god is satan, you sealed your fate


The internet is theirs, you let them buy

The tv stations, theirs to command

Companys thought independent a lie

They now control , the voice of the land