Rev Nimue’s New Years Message 2016

Sitting here contemplating the past year, I realized I have been through many trials and tribulations discovering love, experiencing loss, making great friendships and losing some friends who have become acquaintances. However, through all of this, I have discovered a sense of self. A sense that no matter who comes into my life or who exits, I will always be there for myself and no matter what happens in my life or who come or leaves, I am always the last person there for me.


I’ve found great comfort through grounding and meditation and have made a conscious effort to give to others and offer support, a helping hand or to just listen to others.

Through this I’ve felt more at peace within myself, however, I’ve become more in tune with others around me, not only in my community, nationally, but globally.

Discovering there are so many people going through their own trials and tribulations and how hard they were trying to deal with and struggling with these issues, that just by asking the simple question ” Would you like some help?” meant the world to them or “Did you need to talk about it?” helped them out so much.                 helping_hand

It feels amazing to help others out in difficult situations, however helped me out as well. It helped me to not only help another person out, but helped me build a connection with someone else and allowed me to see that I am never alone.

Regardless of what we go through or how hard our own personal struggles are, we are never alone. We are all connected in some way shape or form.

Take some time to go out and observe your surroundings. If someone walks or drives past you and makes eye contact, smile and wave. It may sound silly, but you may be that one person who saves another persons life.

Take a moment to look on others without judgement. Things we criticize or judge in others is usually a reflection of something deep within ourselves.


Look at our fellow men and women with an open mind and without malice or offense. When someone speaks their mind or shares information do not jump to the first conclusion that they’re taking a dig at you, but look at it as another point of view that is not directed at you!

People these days are quick to take offense and assume that the world is centered around them. We’ve all been there in this thought process, however, open your mind and yourself to others around you. You’ll find we are all connected in some way shape or form and we are never alone.

This has helped me find a sense of self by grounding myself to our mother earth, meditating and centering myself and helping others and connecting with them.

I challenge each of you to also find your sense of self and to connect to others in a positive way.


Rev. Nimue

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