Pagan path

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How many of you have heard this? So what is true?

NONE OF THE ABOVE, yes that’s right, none of the above.

So what really is a pagan?

  • Paganism is founded on nature. It is a spiritual way of life deeply rooted in family and community.
  • We all honour our ancestors and the divine, whether that divine be male or female or the power around and within us all. We believe in reincarnation and that all things in nature are sacred.
  • We hold ceremonies such as the solstices. We tend to be forerunners in environmental issues and live our lives as one in harmony with nature.
  • We do not believe in hell or the devil so why would we worship such.
  • We acknowledge all religions. Each has its place in society. We live in harmony with all faiths and ask for tolerance of our beliefs in return.

Pagans are not just druids and wiccans. Many cultures and beliefs can be classed as pagan, for instance, the Native American culture is pagan.

We rejoice that so many are seeing our way of life as a refreshing alternative, they and their children can embrace. Mankind and paganism have gone hand in hand since Neolithic times. Through the centuries cultures change and alongside these changes, paganism was adapted and modified to serve an ever changing society. It is grounded in our generic memory, a natural religion as we live our lives at one with mother earth. We honour and celebrate the solstice’s like many other religions the solstices play a great part in our way of life and ceremony.way of life and ceremony.

The world is crying out for help, global warming, ecological disasters and climate change have made many people rethink their way of life. As the world teeters on the edge of disaster, pagans, lead the way in environmental and global issues, they are promoting a greener and more ecological friendly lifestyle.



There are many paths but just one road.

We must all work together, to peacefully promote greater understanding of our beliefs, spiritualism and culture. I hope to promote, on this site, a greater understanding and awareness of the pagan way of life..

To help those seeking to join us obtain a greater knowledge of the different paths, thus allowing them to make informed choices as to their journey within paganism.



The word pagan is a label stuck on us by christians to describe anything or anyone not following them,

I personally hate the word but must use it so others can find us easily.


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