Nighthawks New Years message

A New Years message to the world,

May you and your families always find peace in your hearts and joy in your lives.

Let the year be the year we change the world, it is the year we see the birth of the age of Aquarius on 21st December the end of the Mayan calender and the winter solstice.

Go forward this year with peace in your hearts spread the word of peace truth understanding unto all.

Make this the year we finally take religion out of politics and let those trained to govern govern us.

Too much of the misery and problems in this world is created by religions tyring to impose their will on people through politics.

Religious conservatives are anxious to expand the power of religious organizations in America, even if that means undermining basic principles of religious freedom. Instead of treating religious freedom as a type of general liberty and of freedom of conscience, they want religious freedom to become a unique type of liberty, deserving of special treatment and privileges unavailable to people under any other circumstances. They want to enshrine religious privilege as a basic civil right.

Have you heard of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA)? Not many are familiar with the RLUIPA, but everyone who cares about church/state separation needs to be familiar with what it says and what effects it can have on local zoning and land-use regulations. Under the guise of protecting religious liberty, Congress passed a law which effectively gives special rights to religious institutions, a situation which the Supreme Court struck down once already.

Signed into law by President Clinton on Friday, September 22, 2000, the RLUIPA had been passed Congress on July 27, without hearings or debate, only two weeks after it was introduced. The RLUIPA creates a huge loophole which enables any religious institution to challenge and ultimately ignore local land use and zoning regulations. Examples of regulations which would be included here are parking and traffic mitigation requirements, setback and emergency vehicle access requirements, tree ordinances, drainage and flood protection requirements, and even noise limits.

Origins of the RLUIPA

Why was the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) passed? A number of justifications have been offered, but none of them ring very true. Although the stated motivations behind the RLUIPA sound positive, at best it was a solution to a problem that didn’t exist. It has at its core christian beliefs and the attempt of some of these christian factions to create a garden of Eden a new Zion totally outside the law of the united states of America At worst, it’s an attempt to get around the bypass the laws of the land and to give to give special rights to religious institutions that secular organizations do not have.


Take for example the USA, the presidential elections this year we see candidates that will change their views at a drop of a hat so that they carry favour with the people.

Why? Simply so they can become president and their church can create its Eden at the expense of all others.

Religion has no place in politics the original forefathers that signed the declaration knew this, take a close look at it, no where does it say that a religion should rule. It is as neutral as possible when it comes to religion.
The constitution says that there shall be separation of church and state, and why isn’t there?

The USA is not alone wherein politics and religion are entwined, take for example the Arab states, for years living under an oppressive dictator, when the people eventually do rise up or replaces him?? Not the best qualified to lead but a member of the major religious group who’s first act in government is to oppress all those not of their faith.

Make this the year we finally take religion out of politics and let those trained to govern govern us.