New Years message 2016

Here I am again, sitting looking at the curser on my screen blinking back at me as I try and get my thoughts and feelings together on the message I want to leave with you for this new year.

Last year was a hard year for so many.  These problems that we have did not go away just because we are now in a new year.

I am pondering on what can I say that will help others, give them courage, wisdom, hope, that things can and need to change.

If we as a human race want to continue on this planet of ours, we need to change nearthow!

We need to stop seeing this world as being broken up into different countries. Looking at the world from space, you don’t see these invisible lines that man has placed on a map. No, we need to take off our blinkers and look at this world as one. We need to see each other as brothers and sisters. We need to get rid of the training and brainwashing that we have, to fear or hate people because they are a different colour or sex, or sexual orientation.

We need to stop allowing religions  or government propaganda to rule our lives. We need to start thinking for ourselves.   Divided we as people can be controlled. Unified we can make change happen.

I am not suggesting mass riots in the streets, no, I am suggesting that people think for themselves. What is it that you want for your family and yourself. You want your loved ones to be happy, healthy and safe. You want a safe place for them to grow up in, to have a roof over their heads, food to eat and clothes to wear.

I want to see people leading by example.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Even the mightiest of mountains can be moved a spoonful at a time.

Yes, one person can and will make a difference.

We need to get back to basics. Communities need to come together, to help each other. The village that we live by does this to a point. They get together a few times a year for different events one being the harvest dinners. Everyone is welcome, they have a wonderful dinner, they have games and music. Neighbors help each other, their elderly are visited to make sure they are fine, and help is given in whatever way is needed, be it meals brought to them, yards mowed, snow removed etc.

We need the governments of the world to work together for the betterment of all mankind, not just a select handful. Greed needs to be done away with, countries need to help each other, not fight each other, just as communities need to help each other. Like I tell people

“we all look the same in the dark”.

In helping each other we in turn are helping ourselves, by becoming more

We need to teach our children the basics on how to survive, how to grow vegetable gardens, how to sew how to cook from scratch “not frozen or boxed food” how to do basic things, teach your children how to becoming valuable members of society.

I foresee a time ( not to far in the future) that those that can contribute to society (be it knowledge and skills) will be more valuable than gold, and those that think the world owes them a living will perish.

My fondest wish for this world is, for its inhabitants to know peace and prosperity. Wars to be a thing of the past, for all of our children and our children’s children to know nothing but love understanding and kindness towards each other.

From my household to yours, we wish you the very best of the new year, may it bring peace, understanding and truth into your life.



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