Mystics New Year message

Greetings to all, as we see the closing of 2011 we can reflect back on all that has happened in the past year. Many of us make new years goals to better ourselves. As we welcome the new year, let us try to better this world our home our mother earth, let us do small acts of kindness for each other, this can be as simple as opening a door for someone, shoveling a neighbours walk if they are not able to do so, even something as simple as a smile to a stranger as we walk. Yes these are simple things, but they make a big difference in someones else’s life.

I love to talk walks in freshly fallen snow, I enjoy and wonder at the silent beauty that is each snowflake, I look all around me at the wonderland that is in front of me, the shimmering of each snowflake like a flawless diamond, I breath deep the crisp winter air and glory in it, I smell the faint smell of woodsmoke and know that someone is enjoying a warm cozy fire. I look at all the trees bare knowing that they are sleeping now, but soon will be bursting again with life, but for now I appreciate them as they slumber. I see the evergreens with their rich greens and full branches, the wonderful smell of pine, knowing that they remind us that spring with all its rich colours will be soon upon us….yes I try and enjoy these moments to ponder them, to learn a lesson from them, and become a better person because of it.

This is the message I would like to give you at this time, step back take a moment, enjoy what our mother earth has given us, learn from her, appreciate the wonders that is our world, protect her, love her, no matter what colour or religion we are, we all live on this earth, let us learn to live together, in peace, make our differences a learning experience and let us all grow from them.

May you have a wonderful New Year