Honor or Dishonor

Widespread in the Muslim world, it’s a hard to believe story many parents here can’t even begin to comprehend.
The killing of one’s own child , usually a daughter , because her behaviour is believed to have brought shame to the family.
The punishment in many Muslim countries for rape or adultery or even daring to wear western clothes is death. Not a death ordered by the courts but one ordered and carried out by cowardly male members of the woman’s own family.

If a woman brings shame to the family,through allegations of premarital or extramarital sex, by refusing an arranged marriage, or attempting to obtain a divorce–her male relatives are bound by duty and culture to murder her.
Why? to save their masculinity and honor,their so called honor of the family was broken and the woman must die. in the case of rape for instance the male members of the family deem it a total dishonor on them that a woman dared to let a man do this.

Many rapists are known to the families, many times its a relative, and in most cases the man goes unpunished, “after all she asked for it taunting a man to rape her”. A strong statement, that here in our western culture I am guilty of belittling and condoning rape but in Arab and Muslim states that is the thinking. What of the authorities there, most turn a blind eye, in fact sometimes the local police are actually at the execution.

Women are regarded as property, and must do as the men say, woe betide a woman that dares speak out or want to choose, thats not for her after all it is the men in charge and she is there to obey or die.

There is no honor in these killings it is just another way for the men,state and faith to dominate by fear, the men behind these so called homor killings are the greatest cowards upon the earth.

We must all strive for equality between the sexes for as long as men can dominate their womanfolk there will be these killings.

Many arab states say they strive for equality and women are equal, that is until;

They want to choose their own husband.
The dare to dress in western clothes.
They dare to criticise a man.
the dare to speak out.

We of the Aquarius children ministry have a zero tolerance on honor killings

A zero tolerance on non equality of sexes

If you suspect someone in your area is in danger of being victimised or even killed by their families for daring to want to be an individual report it speak out and lets make this a fairer safer world.

And before the cowards out there that think this is a just way of life and this must be a ranting of an insane woman.

I am nighthawk of the druids lead minister of the Aquarius children ministry and i have more honor in my fingernail than you men have in your whole body.

And also you pathetic cowards think on this, this was written by a man , a real man, not the dishonourable, cowardly kind like you.

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