Holiday message 2016

As I sit here in front of my computer screen sipping my hot coffee, I am thinking about the message i want to give this year. What is the message I want to convey this year. My mind races with several ideas, but there is one that I think hits the right mark with me.


Where I work, I have customers that talk with each other, catching up with news family events and yes even gossip. I heard them talking about what their children want to get for Christmas, and what their children want to give other family members. Normally its about the latest over priced cell phones or video games. But not this year, this year what I over heard gave me some hope for our younger generation.

These mothers were talking and saying that their children did not want to give expensive gifts to friends and family this year, but wanted to do something different. They asked their mothers if they could bake cookies and other homemade goodies and put them into  boxes or tins to give as gifts instead. As you can imagine  the mothers were taken back by their requests and even asked them if that is what they really wanted to do. So as I tell you this, I know where two mothers are right now, they are in their kitchens with their children baking up a storm, and having a great time, creating memories that will last a life time.


I have watched other children start clothing drives, coat and sweater drives, some going door to door, asking people if they have any coats that they don’t want, so they can help those that are in need. I have seen these children’s parents drive them around with big smiles on their faces because of the pride they have for their children, children that are wanting to help those that are not as fortunate as themselves.

I had a customer come in shivering in her coat (it was -30c and she was not wearing her normal winter coat) I asked her, what happened to your coat? She smiled and told me that she had been up in ‘the big city” when they passed a homeless man shivering on the side of the road. They stopped and asked him if he had a winter coat to help keep him warm. He said that he had nothing, she then took off her very warm coat and gave it to him, wishing him the best of the season and would be praying for him that his luck would change for the better.


We sometimes forget how truly blessed we are, we have roofs over our heads, heating, food on our tables, clothing that will keep us warm. Please stop and take an inventory on how many ways you and your family have been blessed.

xmas eve

I am asking lets follow these children’s example, by simplifying, by helping others, by giving of our selves and our time, to our loves ones and those in need.  Get some board games and as a family sit around and spend time with each other enjoying each others company. (without the cell phones) This is a season of giving, lets get back to enjoying what really matters in life, time with loved ones and friends.

Wishing you the very best this holiday season from my family to yours. Blessings to you all.





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