Christmas message 2017

Greetings to one and all.

Once again, I sit in front of my computer and try and get my thoughts together about the message that I want to share.

Its been a busy year, like most of you we get wrapped up in everyday living, doing what we need to do to get by and make ends meet. Dealing with health concerns, taking care of friends and family that need a hand or a shoulder to cry on. In other words…. life.

As I sit here my mind is racing with things that need to be done, what baking still needs to be done, who do we still need to buy presents for, how is my friend coping after yet another surgery, how is his wife doing with all the stress and the list goes on.

Life now days has become hectic, most of us are running around trying to get things done, which is fine but at what cost. Do we get so single minded that we don’t see what effect our actions are having on others.

I dread having to go out at this time of year into the stores or into the cities as rudeness seems to rule, no I don’t think that people are doing it on purpose it’s just that they get so wrapped up in what they want to get done that they sometimes forget what their actions and words do to others.

People pushing and getting upset because something does not go their way or the store is out of stock, so they take it out on the staff working there. Driving around trying to get everything done so you can get home, but you are being thoughtless or a danger on the road, getting mad at someone in front of you because they are trying to get into your lane at the last moment, cutting people off because they seem to think that their time is more important than others.

Sounds all to familiar doesn’t it.

I am asking people as a whole to be considerate of others, they are just as stressed out as you are. As I say all the time, “treat others as YOU yourself would want to be treated”.  Give way to others on the roads treat others with respect, help those that are in need.

We all want to have a great holiday season with family and loved ones, please find it in your heart to widen that circle and consider others at this time. So your shopping and driving time takes a little longer thats OK. If we show a little compassion to others we can all have a safe holiday season.


I want to thank all of those that work in emergency services, be it police, ambulance, fire department, hospitals. or road crews. These people to not get enough thanks for the jobs that they have to do. These people are on duty or call so that if something happens they are there to help, they often have to leave their families and loved ones to go out and help others. Their jobs are not easy and to often they are taken for granted.


My wish this holiday season is that everyone is happy, healthy and loved. I hope that you can find it in your hearts to have compassion for others. Lead by example on how we treat others. (on how you would want to be treated) Let your light shine as an example. Help those that are not able to help themselves.


From our family to yours may you have a wonderful Christmas/ winter solstice

Blessings to you all



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