The Dawn of Change

logoNever in the course of history has a word spread so much panic and rebellion.

Change” is one of the most feared yet loved words in the world.

Like an old favorite coat, shabby, dull with age and full of holes, you know it’s time to change it but it’s comfortable, it’s safe and something you know.

You know its time to change it but cannot take the step to do it.

Faith is like this in our modern times.

Information is readily available and questions arise about the validity of many faiths.

We see the shabby doctrine, we see the flawed teachings, and we see so many misunderstandings that have been taught to us and the corruption of the very foundations of faiths.

Yet we cling to our old ways, to blind faith, scared to take that step to lead us into the truth.


The manipulation of fear is a tool of choice, both for state governments and Religions.

We live in a time, in which mankind are asked to send their sons and daughters to wage a War on Terror.

Are asked to sacrifice their civil liberties as well as substantial amount of public funding to wage that war.

Is the fear real?

Or is this a way to make sure that governments and religion do not have to face change.

The world is heading for an economic crash.

Change must come.

Trillions are spent each year on wars.

Yet Joe blogs cannot afford the medication he needs to live,

Is this our future?

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