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The World Cries Out

I am Eddie Williams perhaps today better known to many as Nighthawk of the Druids. Since my teenage years I have been involved in conservation of nature and resources. I am founder member and Administrator of Avon Friends of the Earth, founding member and chairman of and active in many environmental issues over the years. As administrator of Avon… Read more »


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2012 the end of the world Apparently, the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012. Yes, you read correctly, in some way, shape or form, the Earth (or at least a large portion of humans on the planet) will cease to exist. Stop planning your careers, don’t bother buying a house, and be sure to spend the last… Read more »

Druid Prayer

Grant unto us, thy protection, and in protection strength, and in strength understanding and in understanding knowledge and in knowledge the knowledge of justice, and in the knowledge of justice the love of it, and in the love of it the love of all existences, and in the love of all existences the love of Creation and all goodness. Awen.


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Many tell me they give 100% to conservation and respect for nature, to do this is a lifestyle, not a thought, not something you think about one day a week and then do as you please, I’ll leave this lifestyle to those that are ever so holy on the sabbath. In my younger days I did a lot of mountain… Read more »

Deep Peace

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DEEP PEACE Deep Peace of the running wave to you Deep Peace of the flowing air to you Deep Peace of the quiet earth to you Deep Peace of the shining stars to you Deep Peace of the gentle night to you, moon and stars pour their healing light on you Deep Peace to you — a Gaelic Blessing


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Oh that which is creation, I ask you this day, give me strength that I may make it through today, that I may be mindful of others, that I may have the kindness to help those in need, that I may be mindful of all the blessings I have received, that I may be mindful that we your children all… Read more »

open up your heart

Can we open a flower in each other’s heart? Can we remove every thorn embedded therein? Yes, a thousand times yes, when we come to this deep authentic realization: Why be hard and cruel when we know how to be soft and tender. Why put a glowering distance when we know how to stay lovingly near. Why curse when we… Read more »

Alpha Omega friendship

written in 1975 upon a hilltop looking down on the green gathering festival in somerset Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. To handle yourself, use your head; To handle others, use your heart. Anger is only one letter short of danger. Great minds discuss ideas; Average… Read more »

Who Am I

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I am invisible, I am you. I am your inner self, the inner self you have failed to acknowledge because of the doctrine of your parents, priests and society. They took your innocence and your inner spirituality and placed within you theirs. The pre-conceived ideas of who you think you are, the illusion you think you are that has been… Read more »

Honor or Dishonor

Widespread in the Muslim world, it’s a hard to believe story many parents here can’t even begin to comprehend. The killing of one’s own child , usually a daughter , because her behaviour is believed to have brought shame to the family. The punishment in many Muslim countries for rape or adultery or even daring to wear western clothes is… Read more »

Let there be peace

The Great Peace of all nations, which people of good will throughout the centuries have inclined their hearts, of which seers and poets for countless generations have expressed their vision, and for which from age to age the sacred scriptures of mankind have constantly held the promise but rulers and churches have ignored to further their own power and wealth,… Read more »

romney’s zion

Despair, hunger and persecution Once a just and joyous country A free prosperous and just nation Now non LDS go hungry   Revenge they swore on the whole USA For taking their lands and cash Now in power, you have no say Do their will or face the lash   His charm, his wit, were all but a show Off… Read more »

the first christ

–Horus was born of the virgin Isis-Merion December 25 in a cave/manger with his birth being announced by a star in the East and attended by three wise men. –His earthly father was named “Seb” (“Joseph”). –He was of royal descent. –At at 12, he was a child teacher in the Temple, and at 30, he was baptized having disappeared… Read more »