Candle Meditation


Is a big part of everyone’s life – and a life without it would be drab and very uninteresting?

Imagine that all you could see were blacks and whites – and in-between shades of grey – think of all that you would be missing out on….sunsets, rainbows, flowers, beautiful fabrics, the different shades of green in a forest, and so on…

In other words – Color is a very important part of our life that we almost take for granted. Some people think that someone who is color-blind doesn’t see them at all – but that is not at all true. They do see them – they just see them differently from the rest of us.

It is important to realize that, and also to remember also that there are varying degrees of severity of it – from those who only would know that they were affected by having a test – to those where it may be somewhat of a handicap for normal living.

However, there does exist a very rare form of color blindness, called Monochromic, where no colors can be seen, and everything does actually appear black and white and shades of grey, but it only appears to occur in one island in Micronesia in the Pacific Islands and all the people affected are descendants of one individual in the 18th Century who had abnormal genes for color receptor cells in the eyes

The most common form of color blindness is the so-called “Red/Green” blindness.

It affects males more often than females – up to 7 percent of males worldwide – but this does not mean that those persons affected cannot see red or green – it simply means that to them, the difference between the two are not as obvious to them as they are to the rest of us.

Thus something that is a fairly dull green will blend into the background if that is a dull red, and they will not be able to see the difference clearly.

There is another, more rare form where people have difficulty telling the difference between blue and yellow, and they may see the rainbow more like this if they are severely affected;-

By far the majority of people with any form of color blindness are usually completely unaware of it – and only find out if they get a vision test of one form or another however they do go through life seeing things in a slightly different way to the majority of us with normal vision.



There are many different kinds of color meditation – The easiest is to do a “Color of the Day” meditation, with a different one for each day of the week.

Sunday – – – – – – – – Red

Monday – – – – – – – -Yellow

Tuesday – – – – – – – -Pink

Wednesday – – – – – -Green

Thursday – – – – – – – Orange

Friday – – – – – – – – – Blue

Saturday – – – – – – – Violet




What we will be doing here now, is doing a more general guided meditation, and we will base it on Gold, which is a color that everyone is able to visualize easily.


So first of all, as with the other meditations, just gently close your eyes and try to consciously relax as much as you can.

Start to let your breathing become slower and deeper.

In your mind, slowly go around your body, looking for tense places. Let each of them relax as much as you can, go round your body again, and if you find tense places, make them even more tense by tightening them up as much as you can tighter ,tighter and tighter.

Keep that up until you cannot hold it any longer or make it any tighter.




Let your breathing get slower and deeper yet, deeper and slower, check around your body once more for any tight areas; tighten them more and more and when you cannot tighten them any longer or any tighter.



Breathing yet even deeper and slower, now feeling very calm and relaxed, slowly start to think of the color GOLD think of things that you have that are gold, maybe a ring or another piece of jewellery that is made of gold.

Maybe the gold of a ripe field of wheat, maybe the gold of someone’s hair glinting in the sun. slower and deeper….slower and deeper. all your body feeling relaxed and soft. warm and peaceful. calm and relaxed.


Imagine the gold of the sun, imagine yourself lying comfortably in the sun, warm and relaxed….feel the gold rays of the sun shining down on you, feel the comfortable warmth of those golden rays seeping into your skin, making you feel even more comfortable and warm and relaxed.

Feel the healing power of the sun coming into you .slowly filling you up with golden peaceful energy, peaceful and relaxed each slow deep breath bringing in some of that healthy golden sun energy.

Feel it entering your body with each breath feel you slowly filling up with warm golden energy relaxed and calm and comfortable all of you becoming filled with health-bringing golden energy slowly spreading throughout all of your with your slow breaths.

Then spreading slowly all through your body throughout your whole chest, filling your whole stomach and pelvic area with gold light and energy warmly spreading to your arms and legs and upwards into your head and making your brain be full of healthy golden light, all your body golden and relaxed and healthy.

Feel what it feels like to be a person full of golden Light.

Light and refreshed, warm and comfortable.

Comfortable, peaceful and calm.

Just take a minute or two to enjoy that special feeling of being a golden person.

Imagine that the gold is slowly being absorbed into your bones.

Absorbed and concentrated. Like a battery being recharged and all that golden energy will be stored in your bones to give you peaceful energy whenever you need it.

Still keeping some of that golden energy in the rest of your body slowly come back to the present let your Breathing slowly come back to normal.

Let your golden body slowly be in the present.

And very – very – very slowly and only when you are ready.

Very – very slowly open your eyes. Pause a moment or two.

And then give yourself a big golden stretch!


So how was that meditation, O “Golden One?