Be The Change!

differentAs the year 2016 comes to a close and the new year 2017 looms just before us, I was thinking about all the changes that have come and gone through this year. It started very early on with the shocking deaths of numerous celebrities that millions of people worldwide found to be inspiring and very life changing. They all in their own way made a huge leaps and bounds within our society whether they were shocking, good for humanity or were inspirational in some way shape or form for a single individual.

It seems that no matter where you turned whether it be on the news, social media or through the paper there was always some form of change happening. It seemed that through the year 2016 there was always another celebrity who had touched the lives of millions through the decades that was a shock to world. However, have you had a chance to really think that maybe it was for another purpose that these individuals were taken either “way too soon” or that they had lived a full life?

Change! When people utter this simple little word, it either strikes a great amount of inquiry or changeit strikes fear into those who are either not willing to or understand change.

The very definition of this word is the act or the instance of making or becoming different.

Whether we know it or not, we as individuals make changes all the time. It may not be a drastic change where we alter our individual schedules to the point where we are unable to function, however we do change what we do every single day.

When you wake up in the morning you get up in different states of mind. That is a very small change that happens on a daily basis. Sometimes we wake up refreshed, sometimes we wake up mad at the world because we didn’t get that extra millisecond of rest, however these small changes determine how we will take on the day. We usually change what we consume throughout the day. We change how we interact with different individuals and we change how we deal with certain situations. We are never the same person that we were the day prior to today. The same time yesterday we were doing something completely different to what we are doing today. Right now, you were not reading this very article yesterday, however you chose to click on this article to enhance your personal knowledge in some way shape or form. You may even take something away from it, you may think it was a total waste of time, however you chose to change what you wanted to take into your own personal knowledge banks to store away for another time or to enhance what you already know or to confirm something.

Why are we afraid of change?

Change can be terrifying!! scared-ladyLet’s admit it. Yes!! Change can be very scary, because we are unsure of what might happen if we do something just a little bit different from what we are used to. That’s where we get the “what if” way of questioning ourselves and in the end we chose not to change our actions so that we have a very “safe” outcome to what is within our own “safe” boundaries. However, let me pose this question to you: What if you did do something completely out of your comfort zone and you benefited in some way shape or form that would change your whole outlook for the better? What if you did something that was so out of what you normally did and you gained some knowledge or understanding that would benefit you whether it was for the good or for the bad? The worst that could happen is you may have a very unique lesson that is learned, therefore you can take that information and let others know of your own personal experience that may be of benefit for someone else? The best outcome that could happen is that you could gain some very valuable knowledge or you could change your life for the better!

sacrificePersonally, I had to make a lot of sacrifices and a lot of changes in my own personal life to gain very valuable skills and ways of communicating to better my life for the better. I was able to change my way of thinking so that I could and accomplished some record breaking outcomes for the community that I live in. It definitely changed the way that the community viewed how things were done, however it also got people thinking differently as well and in doing these small little things, I was able to help a community think differently and to change for the better.

With the deaths of so many beloved people this year, it is very heart-breaking as I, alongside misty mort 3many people in my own age group and others who are both older and younger were touched in some way shape or form by these wonderful individuals who made it their life’s mission to help change generations, which they all individually accomplished. I will forever be changed and inspired by the amazing melodies from David Bowie and Prince and will always take time to sing and dance as Debbie Reynolds did in her earlier movies and will always take time to be a strong independent woman life Carrie Fisher was in Star War’s. The list goes on with the numerous celebrities that these amazing people brought to life, so that others could be inspired by what they gave to others. However, I will never forget or be thankful to these individuals by taking the time to bring these changes to the world so that we all could think differently.

What if we all took the time to do a little more to bring forth change to ourselves and in turn inspire others to do the same?

I pose a challenge to each one of you out there to take the time to bring a little change into your own lives. Take the time to smile more. Take the time to tune out of the mainstream social media and take time to get back to basics. Take the time to better yourself so that you in turn can inspire others to better their lives.

Sometimes it only takes one small change to inspire someone else to do the same and in the end whether you realize it or not, you have inspired millions of people with one simple change that you have chosen to make.

Change doesn’t have to be scary. Change can be the most wonderful thing in the world. Take the time to say “hi” to a friend and have a conversation. Reach out to others in a positive way, because this little gesture can bring a huge change to another person in a good way. You may even end up saving a life!changeyourlife_jpg

I personally am going to meditate at the very least once a day and I am going to get myself back into good working health both inside and out. I am going to smile more, think more positively and be the best example of good mother to my children, so that I can touch their lives in a more positive manner. I’m also going to get more into my music so that I can personally heal from my past painful lesson’s that I had to learn earlier on in life and I’m going to do my best to overcome my own fears so that I can be more open to my fellow man.

Sometimes it just takes one person to make a change for the better. Be that change!

Many blessings to you and yours!

Rev. Nimue

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