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All lives matter

It seems like this world is going mad. You have the bombings and a driver going crazy in Paris, the shootings in the states, and the murders, yes I said murders of innocent  police officers for revenge. Seriously people have you lost your minds? Two wrongs don’t make a right, they never did and they never will. Time to grow… Read more »

Are you ready

Are you ready for what you ask. Are you ready for a disaster, or something that happens in your lives that is beyond your control. The answer for most of us would be NO. There are so many things happening now days be it natural disasters  loss of jobs etc,  that will turn your life upside down. How does one… Read more »

my gift

Mystic   11/04/2015   No Comments on my gift

My gift I am your life giver I am your mother I have given you everything to survive I gave you clean waters I have given you rich soil to grow food I have given you plants that heal I have given you clean air I have given you forests so you may build shelter I have given you animals… Read more »