Are you ready

Are you ready for what you ask.

Are you ready for a disaster, or something that happens in your lives that is beyond your control. The answer for most of us would be NO.

There are so many things happening now days be it natural disasters  loss of jobs etc,  that will turn your life upside 1

How does one prepare for such events. First off is we need to prepare to rely on ourselves, governments will not always be there to help. You need to become self reliant, you need to learn to get back to the basics. Do you know how to grow your own garden, sew/repair your clothes? Do you know how to cook meals that doesn’t  come from a can or a box? Do you know how to make soap, can you tell which plants in nature are edible and which aren’t?

If the answer is no, then you need to learn.

There will come a day when governments will collapse, and the most valuable people will not be the ones with money, but those that will have the knowledge on how to do things. Valuable  skills that  have been lost in today’s society. Think about it, we have grown lazy, you want something you go out and buy it. We have lost the ability to be self sufficient, we rely on stores, government for everything now days.

Do you have an 72 hour emergency pack ready for every member of the family? Do you have a pack ready for pets you may have? NO? I ask you why not?

I see this as a perfect opportunity for communities to get together and help each other in getting prepared for the worst. Community gardens are a great place to start. Teaching each other how to garden, getting together and helping others who can not afford it to get emergency packs ready and how to use

My mind is racing with so many ideas on why we need to prepare and why.

I will try and keep it to the basics, I want you to think hard on what you and your loved ones need to survive if the worst happens. Would you be able to protect, shelter and feed your family? NO?

Then don’t you think it time you started.

I have heard, well they are bulky and take up to much room in the closet.  Hmm, I wonder how well that excuse is going to shelter and feed you when the time comes.

If you have room for the latest “toys” out there then you can find room for a pack/bucket that may save your life.

I remember as a young girl how to make my own heat source for cooking or heat out of old tuna cans with some cardboard and wax. Cheap  and easy to make. Making my own candles, soap, how to can fruits and vegetables, how to repair and make my own clothing. I learned how to find and prepare plants that grow in the wild for food.jars

I am pleading with communities to start programs like this. Remember those that know these skills will be move valuable then the most precious of gems.

Talk to the older generations they have knowledge on doing every day chores be it gardening, sewing etc. Skills that have  all but been lost with today’s generations.

I am pleading with people, community leaders to start classes, groups, to better prepare people for what is to come.

Blessings to you all


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