Aquarius Children

It is said in ancient Mayan text that not long before Great Cycle changes the children born are different than any others before them. These children according to the texts will possess the power of the gods and will lead the people on the path for the next cycle.

The end of the Mayan great cycle is upon us 21st DEC 2012 sees the beginning of the new cycle and with it heralds a new era of peace understanding and truth.

Many of today’s great religions will fall, not because they have lost faith in their god but because they have lost the true meaning of their god’s message. Many Churches, religions today use the message of their god to amass great wealth and property. Some even have desires to rule over all mankind as celestial saviours.

These children are again with us though to us today they are know as the indigo, crystal and rainbow children, they are the same children as in Mayan prophecy. Other religions also talk of these children to many they are known as Maya.

Each of these children show a greater attainment of evolution they are the next step for mankind. It’s important to realize that not all children born within the time period of these special children are in fact indigo, crystal or rainbow children. We all have our own schedule and work to do, and yes, some are ahead of others.

How the planet shakes out, will depend on each person’s spiritual growth, which determines the collective consciousness of the world. This is not just a personal journey, but a planetary journey as well.

Only by looking into ourselves and finding our inner spirits, will we find the path to true peace, understanding and truth in the world.

These children will help us but if you have ever felt the need for change, have felt you are part of something greater , then join us and with the help of the children change the world.

These children need our support…our understanding…our love. The planet is tired of the values of the Age of Pisces and begging for a change. My hope is the planet as a whole will embrace the values of the next Great Age, and help move the Earth to it’s rightful place as a sacred planet as foretold in ancient prophecy’s.

We the people of the planet are all Aquarius children whether gifted or not.

The Aquarius children Members find a deep spiritual path awaken within them. Their connection perceived and experienced within the land and its culture is greatly enhanced. Many, some have told me it is like ‘coming home’; they have rediscovered a connection with the world, its peoples, history, heritage and cultures. This is more than mere interest, it is imbued with wonder, gratitude, respect and a sense of the perpetual flow of time, it is an inspired devotional commitment, an acknowledgement of the sacred and a deeper recognition creation, of their deity (male, female and non-gendered gods). Many like myself have come to look on creation as the ultimate power from whence or other deity and god heads arose.

During my younger years I travelled greatly and was honored to meet some of these children.

It was my encounter with the third rainbow child that convinced me that I must do this and talk of it and teach others,

An aura as colorful as the rainbow but only when alone. Near a indigo child the aura went pure white and I realised this child was a celestial catalyst, a rare rainbow child destined to wield their combined powers. He drew off the others. He would implement change with powers we can only dream of.

The child is still young. One day I hope to have the honour of teaching them, though I will probably learn more than I teach.

I have encountered many indigo children some are adults, some still children but nothing prepares you for a meeting with a rainbow child. My first encounter changed my whole life in a way I can only describe as a celestial encounter. I will not name the country but continent is Asia.

The child touched me gently and asked “Can I look?” Not knowing what exactly to expect I agreed. My mind was flooded by a sense of water gushing everywhere. My inner most thoughts were read and and afterwards I discovered barriers I had from childhood peeled away and my psychic abilities increased many fold. The child was 6 years old and I had met my first rainbow child. Today that child is an adult and I hope to meet them again one day.

Many years later I met my second child, I had been asked to a house to see if I could rid a child of demons. I walked into the house and what I saw no longer surprised me somehow deep down I knew this was the way it would be. There were no demons but there was a child playing football, what frightened the parents and made them believe child was possessed was simply a rainbow child using their powers, if you haven’t already guessed, the child played football by moving the ball with their mind. I put the parents in touch with a friend of mine that could help the child and thankfully they were open minded enough to allow the child to progress.

Well that’s a little on how we came into being, I am not alone in the visions and I bet some of you reading this have either seen a vision or have a deep heartfelt urge to change this world for the better. Others appeared without me even searching for them, some told of similar visions others were without doubt Indigo Children

You are in the right place join us and together we can make a difference.

Maybe your child is gifted maybe its you let us help you .

We teach spirituality, meditation and divination and much more, all tools of the spiritual celestrial path we all walk.


Rev Nighthawk

Sage of the Aquarius Children


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