2016 The year of change

The past year has been full of fear and anger.

The world is a sad place to bring up children in.

Change must and will come.


We have been conditioned to fear.

We are controlled by fear.

I have but one question for you all.

Is this fear real or manifested to control and manipulate the masses?


We as the people of earth need to make sure our children’s children nevervlive in fear.

We need to say enough is enough, we want to live in peace.

cropped-aqua4.jpgPeace is not a dream, it can easily become reality.

Allow the U.N. to become truly a united nations and give up the power of veto by those that fear change.

Allow the U.N. to truly represent all nations.


Let this New Year truly be a year to remember.

The year We the people of all nations finally found peace.

May you all live with peace in your hearts and joy in your lives.