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The Great Peace

It has been a 1000 years since the prophecy of the old book had become a reality. The god of the book had finally cleansed the earth and wiped away corruption and greed. Today the earth was a beautiful place to live. The rivers and seas now were free of pollution, the land had recovered and the green fields stretched… Read more »

penny appeal

Penny appeal With the phasing out of the Canadian penny we thought you might like to donate a few. Your penny for our thoughts: Well our thoughts are on promoting peace understanding and truth throughout the world so they must be worth a penny. But we thought you might enjoy some free information for your penny. Click on the links… Read more »


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Anger can come in many forms but the root cause of a lot of it is, the failure to understand or take another view point or a deep rooted need to come out on top. Both of these inhibit spiritual growth.

Inner peace

What would be the most precious gift you could ever receive? If you could have any one thing, any one wish to be granted; if you could change anything about your life, what would you wish for? It is interesting that when people really think about this, often the answer given is, “I would wish for inner peace.


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If you are experiencing grief right now and feel you need to chat with someone contact me, ‘Nighthawk’, on Skype (my skype id is Druidnighthawk), Twitter @sagesvoice, email or simply leave a message in the message box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Divination Many events that happen in our everyday lives can be seen as divinatory. For example if you’re rushing around like crazy and your car breaks down in the middle of your errands, some might take that as a message to slow down. But don’t fall into the trap of assigning divine meaning to every single thing that happens in… Read more »

Belly Dance

BELLY DANCE Edit Belly dancing has been performed in the Middle East for centuries but only became popular in the West during the 18th and 19th centuries when Western explorers and country’s began to take an interest in the region. The dance was performed throughout the Arab world, especially the Ottoman Empire. Most of the movements in belly dancing involve… Read more »


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Observe all around you as you tread life’s path and see the leaf on the tree and not just the forest, see each blade of grass and each grain of sand. For it is only with observation and study that you will fully understand your chosen path.


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Winter solstice, also known as…. Midwinter, Sun Return, Alban Arthan, Pagan New Year, Satunalia, Winter Solstice, Finn’s Day, Yuletide, Festival of Sol, Great Day of the Cauldron, Festival of Growth. Midwinter, Sun Return, Alban Arthan, Pagan New Year, Satunalia, Winter Solstice, Finn’s Day, Yuletide, Festival of Sol, Great Day of the Cauldron, Festival of Growth and of course Christmas.

21st Century

Our phones – Wireless Cooking – Fireless Cars – Keyless Food – Fatless Dress – Sleeveless Youth – Jobless Leaders – Shameless Relationships – Meaningless Attitude – Carless Wives – Fearless Feeling – Heartless Education – Valueless Children – Mannerless Everything is becoming LESS but still our hopes are~~ENDLESS