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2012 the end of the world

Apparently, the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012. Yes, you read correctly, in some way, shape or form, the Earth (or at least a large portion of humans on the planet) will cease to exist. Stop planning your careers, don’t bother buying a house, and be sure to spend the last years of your life doing something you always wanted to do but never had the time. Now enjoy yourselves before… the end

if you like to make money from peoples fear yes it is the end, buy a shelter, the Internet is full of disaster senerios, all asking you to buy outrageously priced shelters.

time for more truth to be revealed

Lets start with the calendar that set off all these doomsday scenarios in the film 2012.

So what is the Mayan Calendar?

The calendar was constructed by an advanced civilization called the Mayans around 250-900 AD.
Evidence for the Maya empire stretches around most parts of the southern states of Mexico and reaches down to the current geological locations of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and some of Honduras.
The people living in Mayan society exhibited very advanced written skills and had immense knowledge of architecture, proof of this is seen in their constructing of cities and urban planning.
The Mayans are probably most famous for their pyramids, for example their temples to the sun and the moon and other intricate and grand buildings, stand today as testament to this.
The people of Maya had a huge impact on Central American culture, not just within their civilization, but with other indigenous populations in the region. Significant numbers of Mayans still live today, continuing their age-old traditions.

The Mayans used many different calendars and viewed time as a meshing of spiritual cycles. While the calendars had practical uses, such as social, agricultural, commercial and administrative tasks, there was a very heavy religious element. Each day had a patron spirit, signifying that each day had specific use. This contrasts greatly with our modern Gregorian calendar which primarily sets the administrative, social and economic dates.

Most of the Mayan calendars were short. The Tzolk’in calendar lasted for 260 days and the Haab’ approximated the solar year of 365 days. The Mayans then combined both the Tzolk’in and the Haab’ to form the “Calendar Round”, a cycle lasting 52 Haab’s (around 52 years, or the approximate length of a generation). Within the Calendar Round were the trecena (13 day cycle) and the veintena (20 day cycle).

Obviously, this system would only be of use when considering the 18,980 unique days over the course of 52 years.
In addition to these systems, the Mayans also had the “Venus Cycle”. Being keen and highly accurate astronomers they formed a calendar based on the location of Venus in the night sky. It’s also possible they did the same with the other planets in the Solar System.

Using the Calendar Round is great if you simply wanted to remember the date of your birthday or significant religious periods, but what about recording history? There was no way to record a date older than 52 years.

The end of the Long Count = the end of the Earth?

The Mayans had a solution. Using an innovative method, they were able to expand on the 52 year Calendar Round. Up to this point, the Mayan Calendar may have sounded a little archaic – after all, it was possibly based on religious belief, mathematical calculations using the numbers 13 and 20 as the base units and a heavy mix of astrological myth.
The only principal correlation with the modern calendar is the Haab’ that recognised there were 365 days in one solar year (it’s not clear whether the Mayans accounted for leap years). The answer to a longer calendar could be found in the “Long Count”, a calendar lasting 5126 years.

The base year for the Mayan Long Count starts at “ Each zero goes from 0-19 and each represent a tally of Mayan days. So, for example, the first day in the Long Count is denoted as On the 19th day we’ll have, on the 20th day it goes up one level and we’ll have This count continues until (about one year), (about 20 years) and (about 400 years). Therefore, if I pick an arbitrary date of, this represents the Mayan date of approximately 1012 years, 7 months and 1 day.

so I hear you saying, interesting or even wow but what does this have to do with the end of the world?

The Mayan Prophecy according to the film 2012 and those seeking your cash, is wholly based on the assumption that something bad is going to happen when the Mayan Long Count calendar runs out. But it is like any other calendar one one cycle ends you start again, we call it new years eve, admittedly theirs is long before starting over but it is simply a calendar.

It does however foretell the end of one age and begining of a new one;

The age of Aries saw us seeking faith and truth.

The age of Pisces saw us forced, to worship one god by fear and the sword.

The age of Aquarius brings us the peace, understanding and truth we have sought for for so long. We have lived in darkness, now it is time for light to lead us into the future. The bibical texts say, man is not ready to know the truth. The world is ready for the truth, hidden for so long because it will destroy faith as you know it.

The end of the calendar heralds a new age of peace love truth understanding, it is a time for man to learn to live with his brothers and sisters in peace are we not all the same, are we not all one species, why then do we need to destroy each other through war and greed to be happy. It is time we learnt to live as one , going forward into this new age in peace, or ,this age will be the age man ceased to exist on this planet, wiping himself out by his own hand.

The mayan calendar does not end here like new years it flips over and starts again.

This age heralds peace throughout the world, or the end of man the choice is yours.

Join us as we promote peace understanding and truth throughout the world.


Be a founder in promoting this and let peace be in the hearts of all.