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Many tell me they give 100% to conservation and respect for nature, to do this is a lifestyle, not a thought, not something you think about one day a week and then do as you please, I’ll leave this lifestyle to those that are ever so holy on the sabbath.

In my younger days I did a lot of mountain climbing, the secret to getting up some of these is not solely in strength, though you do need it, but strength itself is not enough, some peaks need the 10% factor that extra 10% you find within you to reach the peak.

I achieved a lot using this factor and if you consider I have and had then artery problems, you can understand that giving 10% more can achieve the impossible. Today I cannot reach any peak my arteries have shut down 95% on my right side and walking is a problem never mind a mountain trail, but I still use the extra 10% this keeps me on my feet and not in a wheelchair. The ministry is like this giving 110% to help people find their inner spirituality and promoting the love of creation and striving for peace throughout the world.

I believe that we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than others hold us to. The level we set for ourselves should be beyond the general benchmarks set for the status quo: which is mediocrity. Doing this offers the ability to define our own success and directly impact all results that we aspire to achieve. Personally, I do this by Giving ONE-TEN; doing things with the definite purpose of being positioned with excellence by exuding high value.

21st december 2012 is the birth of a new age, a new era, the birth of aquarius join us today and show you give 110% to the future of mankind, find your inner spiritual being, help us put the message of peace and the glorification of creation into the world.