Call To The Grandmothers Of The World!

The time has come for us, the grandmothers, to show others the way forward!

To lead people into a new world! It is time for Change! It is time to bring back the brotherhood and sisterhood of all nations! It is time we honoured our ancestors! It is time we became one with the land!


Today’s world is a world of fear, war and despair.

Government and religion rule many of it’s people by fear.

This has to end!

People kill other people just because they are the wrong colour, race or creed. Even for their sexual orientation.

This has to end!

People blame today’s mistakes on the past discretion’s of others.

This has to end!


In a time when there is great need of love, we make war, however how can we change this?

Instead of teaching our children and our grandchildren to hate one another, why don’t we start to teach them how to loveearth and understand one another?

Instead of arguing about petty differences,why don’t we start to teach them how to come to an understanding and bring together their differences so that they can unite and use their unique strengths and views to help one another?

Instead of killing one another, why don’t we sit down together and communicate as one people instead of in terms of different races, creeds, countries, sexualites or religious views?

Instead of holding those grudges that happened to our ancestors and taking them as our own burden to bare, why don’t we learn the lesson’s from the past so that we can move forward in a positive direction?


From space, you can view the world as having no boarders, no walls and all land masses are one.

We need to stop creating wars on other countries because we are greedy for their resources!

This must happen!

We need to come together as one and help one another with the resources that we are ALL blessed with,

This must happen!

Another country may have timber that we would like to use, another may be able to grow crops that another country is not able to grow, in order for those people to benefit from the bounties that those countries have we need to change our thinking on the worlds resources and who owns what.

This must happen!

We need to learn to share. It’s just like two children learning how to share their toys.

This must happen!

We as parents and grandparents, teach those children to share with one another, regardless of what they look like.

Why is it as adults we can’t take those same basic lesson’s that we learn as toddlers and use them in today’s everyday society?


People today need a grandmothers advice!

A grandmothers wisdom that she has learned over a lifetime!unity

It is time that the people’s of this world let go of the hurt of the past and come together in a common brotherhood and sisterhood and became one people again!

It is time to take the people of this world back to the basics and to learn the teaching from grandmothers of all nations, creeds and backgrounds.


The people of mother earth!



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